"Film School is a SCAM!!!! Everything I learned in Film School can be learned right here..."

I was once an aspiring filmmaker just like you. My parents paid thousands of dollars to send me to film school. About halfway through, I came to a realization...

Everything I REALLY needed to know was covered in the first week of Film School...everything else was just a waste of time. All these Film Schools and Expensive Training Courses are just fluff, dependant upon the fact that you think Filmmaking is hard and costs Millions of dollars.

Stop wasting your time!
Get everything you need to start making movies RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW!

You don't need to waste years of your life learning how to make movies...everything you need to know can be learned from just a few books. I have compiled that info, along with the essential forms, contracts, and software that you need...and it is all in the
No Budget Filmmaking Ultra-Pack!!!

"If I would have known this information earlier, I could of saved myself from wasting years of my life."

I am tired of seeing all these expensive film courses and training kits that charge hundreds of dollars! I am putting a stop to it now! I have created a collection of PROVEN info and tools that can successfully turn anyone into a filmmaker!
You will get...


Everything important I learned, I put right in this book.

This is my first book, where I layed out all the important stuff that I learned in film school. This is a perfect primer for anyone that wants to know the down and dirty basics of making their very own films. And...the truth is, you can do it on little, or even NO MONEY!

I will guide you all the way from the script to editing, and teach you some amazing time and money saving secrets along the way. If you are serious about making your own movies...you can't afford to NOT have this information!

FilmMakers...Real Life Advice

In this guide, we went and talked to Real Life filmmakers and asked them to share the tips and secrets that they have learned over the years. We wanted to know what they "wish they would have known BEFORE they made their first films. "

It's like having an experienced filmmaker personally passing on his most valuable advice. With this knowledge, you will be 10 steps ahead of everyone else!

We are just getting started. You also get...

Essential Forms & Contracts

Now that we have covered the info you need to start making your film...we need to give you the necessary tools to do it. Here we have included the most important forms and contracts that every filmmaker needs to have.

Talent Releases, Location Contracts, Call Sheets, and more! All ready for you to use today!


You know...this is something that nobody ever really teaches in Film Schools, yet I think it is probably one of the most important parts of filmmaking…

Creativity is the key to successful filmmaking, and this book delivers clear and effective ways to Unleash the creativity you have inside you and apply it to your scripts, production, and everyday life. Set yourself apart from other wannabe filmmakers by letting your creativity show through in your films!

Take a second to ask yourself WHY you AREN'T already a successful filmmaker...

  I have to put a STOP to the days of wasted time and money on useless film books and training DVDs that don't actually help me make my own films...

  I want to finally have the tools and information I need to get off my butt and actually make a movie...

  I believe that it is out there - and that I am capable of making great films . But I know the only way to become a successful filmmaker is to learn the secrets from people who are already doing it...

  I accept that the only way I will ever break into Hollywood is by starting myself, and making my own films...

Do you think you deserve an answer?

Well, Iím about to give it to you. The catch is that you may not like it...

The answer is...you have to DO IT YOURSELF! Hollywood isn't going to come knocking on your door to get you to direct next summers blockbuster hit film...you have to prove yourself first.
The easiest way to prove yourself, is by making your own films! And guess what?!?! It isn't all that hard to do, you just think it is! Once you actually make a move and DO IT, you will hate yourself for waiting so long! I know that I regret spending years of my life WISHING I could make movies, when all along...I could have been doing it!

As a special BONUS, we are even including FILMMAKING SOFTWARE!


My kit would not be complete without providing you the software you need to make your films.
Most software like this will cost you hundreds of dollars. We have found the most amazing Filmmaking Software around, and the creators have now made it FREE, and let us include it in the kit!

You don't need to spend hundreds of dollars on Final Draft Screenwriting software ($229), or Movie Magic Scheduling Software ($699)...this FREE software does everything you need, and in our opinion...it does it better!!!

Compatible with both Windows and Apple computers!

"With this software, you can easily write a properly formatted, Hollywood style screenplay in no time!
Plus...it makes scheduling your shoot a breeze! "

My guides have already helped tons of aspiring filmmakers realize their dreams...You could be next!


Dear Jason,

I heard about your kit from my friend Kevin Feren, who I guess went to film school with you. I always wanted to make my own movies, but never really did anything about it. Well, I am happy to report that after reading your book, I got my friends together and finally did something...we just finished shooting a no-budget horror movie!

Anyway, I just figured you would like to hear that your book made a difference. I will let you know when we are done editing, and you can take a look at the movie if you want. Thanks for the great advice!

Zack Martin
Killjoy Pictures
Buffalo, NY


Thanks for the email...and YES, I am more than happy with the No-Budget Film Kit! I will admit that I was a bit skeptical at first, because of the low price...I have personally bought some other film training systems that cost me over $300, and I wasn't very impressed with them. But, your kit actually had some really great information that none of the others had! I really feel like I now have all the tools and knowledge I need to actually go out and make a film!

I was considering buying the Final Draft software to start writing my script, but the screenplay software you provided is even BETTER! That alone saved me over $200!

So, am I happy with my purchase? You bet!!! I think this is by far, the best set of filmmaking tools I have ever invested in!

Jake J. Trenton

Want to know something else that nobody else is talking about? I will show you how (like me) you can quickly make real money to fund your own films!

"You can easily finance your films by starting your own
Wedding Video Business "

Some people questioned me when I wanted to add this book to the kit. They said "that isn't about filmmaking!" Well, I disagree!!!! Part of the filmmaking process is getting some money to pay for the film. I personally used this book to start my own Wedding Video business 4 years ago, and used the profit to make my very first movie. I believe that this is the easiest way for anyone to get money for filmmaking. If you can make a movie, shooting a wedding video is a piece of cake...and it is good practice to improve your shooting and editing skills.


"This is the same book I used to start my own Wedding Video business almost 4 years ago. I liked it so much, that I actually purchased the book rights, so that I could include it here for you in the No Budget Film Kit. "

This book takes you step-by-step through setting up your own Wedding Video Business, and shows you exactly how you can make real money to put towards your films .

Most filmmaking training books tell you the technical side of how you "could" make a movie...we go leaps and bounds BEYOND that, and actually show you how you can fund your own movies, and ACTUALLY MAKE THEM!

Let's face it...nobody is going to just give you thousands of dollars to make your first movie. And, while you could make a movie for $0, just think how much that extra money could expand your production! Shooting wedding videos is by far the easiest and fastest way to get money in your pocket now, that you can use to make you movie-making dreams a reality!

Hey Guys!

We just wanted to take a second to email you about your film training kit. My brother and I have talked about making movies for years, but never acted on it until after we got your training kit a couple of weeks ago. I am happy to say that we just shot our first wedding, and made $2,000 in one weekend using the guide you gave us in the kit!!!! Now, we are using that money to fund our first feature!

Thanks for the great tips...we would still be sitting on our asses if we hadn't found you guys.

Your new friends ,
Jason & Brian Brown
Dallas, TX

My goal here is to cover as many aspects of filmmaking as I could... From the film basics, to creativity, to funding. I have even had people ask me about the acting side of the business, so guess what?!?! I have now added another extra report to the kit!!!!

Get Your Start in

Some people don't just want to make their own movies, they want to get into the business to work on big Hollywood films! This report is focused on getting you into the business as an actor or screenwriter. Many filmmakers started acting in their own movies to save money on actors...but then ended up getting the "Acting Bug", and began performing in other peoples films.

Breaking into the business as an actor or screenwriter isn't easy...this report details the key steps to getting your foot in the Hollywood door.

"Want to know the TRUTH about making movies? "

The truth is...Nobody else is able to make a filmmaker out of you.
Nobody is going to hand you millions of dollars and let you make a movie. Nobody is going to take you seriously in this business until you show them that you can actually stop talking about making movies, and actually produce one

We can give you all the tools, tips, and information you need to make a movie, but unless you take initiative to actually follow through and do it...you will never be a filmmaker! Everything you need is layed out for you in this kit...it is now up to you to get out there and show the world that you ARE A FILM MAKER, not just a FILM TALKER like everyone else!

There are no more excuses...with this kit, we will show you everything you need to know to make your own movie.

I have to admit that I am pretty proud of this kit. You see, originally I just set out to write the "NO BUDGET FILMMAKING GUIDE BOOK" on it's own, to share the information I learned in film school. This book sells for $24.99 on it's own, and has gotten a great response. But later, I started to realize all the things I had learned OUTSIDE of film school, and how important they were to my success. I decided that I needed to expand this book into a whole new NO BUDGET FILMMAKING KIT. I wanted to share the things that NOBODY seemed to be teaching...

I want to teach you how to unleash your creativity to actually make better films...

I want to teach you how you can make thousands of dollars in the wedding video business, and personally fund your own films...

I want to give you the software, forms, contracts, and other important filmmaking tools that nobody else is sharing...

And thus, the NO BUDGET FILMAKING ULTRA-PACK was born. But...what do I charge for this awesome collection of filmmaking goodies? A google search revealed that most film training kits are selling for $100-$500 online. Should I jump on the band wagon and charge a ton of money for my kit? Obviously people are willing to pay it. NO!!!!! I didn't want to do that!!!! This is the "NO BUDGET" film guide...where ANYBODY can make a movie for little to no money...why should they have to pay a ton to get started?!?!

So...how much is it? First, let's recap what is in the kit...

"Get the Ultra-Pack now and start making your own films today!!!"

You get all of this in the kit...

Covering all the important info I learned in film school.

Filmmakers...Real Life Advice
Important Filmmaking Secrets and Tips from working proffessionals.

Essential Moviemaking Forms and Contracts
Legal documents to protect you in your filmmaking adventures.

Unleash Your Creativity
A guide to maximize your creativity and apply it to your films.

Save hundreds by getting this amazing software that handles writing screenplays, managing storyboards, and even scheduling your film shoots. ..FREE!

A guide to funding your own films through this easy and ultra-profitable business.

An essential guide to breaking into Hollywood as an actor or screenwriter.

Hmm...what else could you possibly need?
Can't afford those expensive editing programs? I'll show you where you can get advanced video editing software absolutely FREE!

You can opt to be a part of my free mailing list...and get free bonus guides, ongoing filmmaking tips, and more!

The good news is that I am talking with a large publishing company, and it looks like the "NO BUDGET FILMMAKING ULTRA-PACK" may be available in retail book stores nation-wide sometime very soon!

BAD NEWS: The bad part about that deal is that after reviewing the product, the publishing company has decided that they want to set the retail price at $149.99 for the entire kit!

GOOD NEWS: But...due to the low cost of electronic delivery versus publishing, packing, and shipping the product...I can offer the digital download version of the exact same product to you here, for much less than retail! I did the math, and after the publishing company subtracts the shipping and printing costs, along with their cut of the sales...I am actually only making about $50 out of each sale. So...I am offering the entire kit to you here as a digital download for that low price!!!

I figure that I will be making the same amount either way...why not let you reap the huge savings by getting it straight from me online today???

So...for a limited time...get the entire
Digital version and Downloads of the
all for only $49.95!!!

Get everything delivered to you instantly as a Digital Download, and you will be saving over $100 off the retail version!

BAD NEWS: The other bad news is that this offer won't be able to last for long. Once the kit hits the retail stores, I will no longer be able to keep selling it here at this low price...due to contract mumbo jumbo, I will be forced to up the price to no less than 80% of the retail purchase price. So, you really need to act now if you want take advantage of this incredible offer...tomorrow the price may have to sky rocket up to over $100! :(


Your order is protected by my full unconditional
60-day money back guarantee
If for any reason whatsoever, you are unhappy, just let me know and your purchase price will be fully refunded.

all for only $49.95!!!

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P.S. I know that this kit isn't for everyone. This is ONLY for those of you who REALLY, TRULY want to actually make their own films. And, if you aren't convinced at this point, you are obviously not right for this opportunity. If you are looking for another course that is going to waste your time and keep telling you that you have to spend millions of dollars to make a movie, then you need to look elsewhere. If you are a lazy bum and never plan on actually doing anything with your dreams, then go away...otherwise...

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