No-Budget Filmmaking
NBF 029: All About You - Marketing Yourself for Gigs
November 6, 2018
You got the gear, you got the experience, but you still don't have the work! It's hard out there for a freelancer, so Alex and Trevor dive into the different ways you can build your resume, build your network, and better yet, build your bank account!
In this episode, we discuss:



  1. Indie Film Hustle TV, Netflix for Indie Filmmakers - filmmaking tuts, going after Special Features (
  2. DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise (self heating batteries for cold environs, new accessory port, Spotlight, speaker, beacon)
  3. Panasonic First 8k Organic Sensor, global shutter, wide dynamic range, "two layers, one organic photoconductive film, and separate circuit" (
  4. MZed Mastering Color (
  5. Lumu Power 2 (

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