No-Budget Filmmaking
NBF 038: How To Keep A Production Company Afloat
January 29, 2019
They talked about what to do to make money as a freelancer, but what do, and how to you survive and thrive if you want to start your own production company? Alex and Trevor talk you through the growth of their production company, Gilded Cinema. How they grew it from a small company doing local gigs for small amounts of kesh to a company that is now working on pilots and feature films.
In this episode, we discuss:



  1. RED Raw to Atomos - Atomos RAW - raw in any camera that can output (
  2. The Punisher to get 3rd Season (
  3. Netflix developing Resident Evil series (
  4. FOCUS Bolt Wireless Monitors (SmallHD + Teradek + Amimon)
  5. Ghostbusters Reboot - Jason Reitman, takes place following Ghostbusters II (
  6. Adobe acquires Substance (
  7. Mito Underwater Drone (

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