No-Budget Filmmaking
NBF 024: Is Film School The Best Option?
October 2, 2018
Film school and whether or not to go is a big topic of debate online amongst filmmakers.  They are asked it all the time, is going to film school worth it?! In response, Alex and Trevor give a resounding......maybe! The duo discusses the pros and cons of spending a couple years learning the ins and outs of filmmaking. Is it better to just jump on set and learn by trial by fire? Or should you take the time, and money, to study the basics from industry professionals?
In this episode, we discuss:


What's Cool?

  1. Sony Animal EYE AF
  2. Panasonic S1 and SR1 Full Frame Cameras
  3. Leica and Sigma L-Mount Lenses
  4. Sony FS5 II High ISO Tests
  5. Core SWX Hypercore XL Batteries
  6. SLR Magic Anamorphot Follow Focus Solution

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