No-Budget Filmmaking
NBF 036: Additional Edumacation
January 15, 2019
So you don't think Alex and Trevor have all the answers???? Boy are you....right! In this episode, the intrepid duo share their favorite flimmaking learnin' sites, from editing, to VFX, to lighting, if you want to dive deeper into any aspect of filmmaking, Alex and Trevor will tell you their favorite sites to do so. Plus, what awesome new filmmaking gadgets were revealed at CES this year?
In this episode, we discuss:



  1. Lexar 1 TB SD card (
  2. Sharp 8K video camera (
  3. Nvidia Max-Q Laptops (
  4. Al Pacino Hunting Nazis in Jordan Peele's 'The Hunt' (
  5. DJI Smart Controller (
  6. Sandisk 4TB Flash Drive (

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